Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How-To: Upcycle Those Jeans!!

A couple of days ago I did this upcycling job on some jeans that had worn down at the back but were still look brand new at the front!  I couldn't very well just throw them away so I decided to replace the back of the jeans with some new, snazzy fabric, to shake things up.  This is something you could really go crazy with, trying out lots of different patterned fabrics and textures.  You could also replace the front instead of the back, if that was what had worn down.  This DIY take a little bit of prior knowledge of sewing, but it's pretty damn straightforward if you keep everything organised and follow the steps in the right order.  OK, let us proceed! :-)

So, this is the finished product we are aiming to get to:  Let's go!

Step 1:
First of all, unpick the back panels of your jeans.  Unpick the back pockets, to be used later.

Step 2
Next, you use the back panel of your jeans as a pattern piece for the new fabric.  Pin it down onto the double layer of , making sure the grain line is straight.

Step 3
Using Tailor's Chalk and a ruler, mark out the pattern onto to the tweed.  If your jeans are stretchy, add a seam allowance of 1 inch all the way around. 

Step 4
Then cut it out.

Step 5
Then, for any itchy fabric such as tweeds, add a lining.

Step 6
Hem the lining and press it, with the iron.

Step 7

Step 8
Then sew the back pockets down.

Step 9
Sew together the trouser legs.  Topstitch.

Step 10
Do the same for the lining.

Step 11
Then zigzag stitch the lining and tweed together, to prevent fraying.

Step 12
Then sew together the front and back parts of the jeans.

Step 13
Hem the jeans.

Step 14
And, you're FINISHED! Yay!   Take a deep breadth, step back and admire your handiwork.

Remember, if you need any further information or tips on this how to, please get in contact with me!

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

New, Upcycled Chair

My latest project has been upcycling a chair on the weekends.  After doing little sections of it over the last few months, I have finally finished and listed it up! Hoorah!  Just to give you an idea of the work put in, I had to sand it down, paint it with two coats of white base paint, painstakingly paint on the black patterns, strip out the old seat, re-upholster it and back it, screw it all back in, and then varnish everything.  I have listed it up on my online store.  Please go and take a look there and if you think it would be the perfect gift for someone, or know of the right spot in your house where it could go, then please get in contact with me on Etsy, and I will be happy to help. 

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Social Networking

I am branching out into various social networking sites.  It's a hard step for me to take as I can be quite private, reclusive and sluggish towards technology!  However, I understand that in today's society, it is vital to be able to come in contact with your audience on a daily basis.  Therefore, I have set up shop on a variety of different social media networking sites as possible.  Here are the links:

On my tumblr, I am going to be carrying out a little experiment, seeing if I can post something I have made, every day for the next month, whether it's a little sketch, or a piece of clothing, or a textiles sample.  If I feel it has been successful, I might continue it for the whole year.

So, no time to waste, lots to do! :-)