Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Reading

Recently, I finished my English Literature A-Level.  It was a joyous day as I had been having a great  amount of difficulty getting through the course, out of sheer boredom and a sense of frustration over the 'ticking the boxes' problem that the course had.  Because of this, I was all set to have a reading-free summer, just letting myself breath after an intensive two year course where everything I read was controlled by a book list for my A-Level.  In fact, what I found was that finishing my English A-Level had the opposite effect.  Of course, for a time, I didn't read, but within a few weeks, watching endless amounts of TV, amongst setting up and developing my Etsy business, began  to be increasingly dull and monotonous.  So I returned to my first great love:  Reading!  Studying the subject had all but killed my passion for literature, but as soon as I no longer had a teacher standing over me, repeating, 'Form, Structure, Language', I began to enjoy reading again.  So, I joined a website called, which allows you to collate all the books you want to read, all the ones you have read and what you thought of them, amongst other things.  I also rejoined my local library, which I had a membership to when I was younger, but had stopped going to once I joined school.  It was fast and easy to sign up to and when I walked through the doors, I was reminded of all the happy times spent there as a child (and this is said with  no sense of sarcasm!).

So, to add to my summer reading excitement, I thought I would start a sort of summer reading review/book list.  I'll read the books and then write a small review, telling you whether I think the novel is worth reading or not, and how much I enjoyed it.  I will also be updating you on all my summer art and fashion projects.  So, lets see how long I can keep this up, with any sense of regularity!

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