Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bluebell's Chair!!!!!

Part of the point of this blog is to keep a record of all the things I create, whether they be clothes, paintings or anything else I feel like making at that time.  It just so happens to be that my first project since starting this blog was making a gift for one of my youngest cousin's, Bluebell.  My mother found an old, wooden, child's chair in a skip near where we live, and we decided it would make a lovely gift for Bluebell.  I'd all ready made one for her sister, Poppy, two years previously when she was a similar age.  It just so happened that, due to the symmetry of life, we came across another small chair at the right time!
This is what the chair started off looking like:

 After I'd sanded the chair down with an electrical sander (which I must say felt quite liberating!) I then scrambled round in the back of the paint cupboard.  Here, I managed to discover a lovely chalk coloured paint specifically for wood and metal, which I proceeded to coat the entire chair in, and then left it to dry overnight.

After the paint had dried, I then had the laborious task of drawing out the pattern of bluebell's on the chair, making them more stylised than realistic, since the chair is for a kid.  After drawing in the outlines of the bluebells, I started to paint it all in, starting with the name at the top of the chair:
 I then painted in the bluebells all over the chair, as well as grass round the base of the legs.  The paints I used were oil paints, which are good as they take ages to dry, and therefore, allow you to add to the painting.  The only problem is........ everyone kept smudging the paints because they too so long to dry!!!

Finally, with the help of some advice from my family, I decided that, as a child's chair, it needed something bright and colourful to catch a little kid's eye, so I added some ladybirds and a big butterfly to the seat of the chair.  Finally, I coated the chair with a layer of clear varnish, to protect it from the weather and I was done!!!!!

This has been my first proper blog post.  Anyone out there who might happen to stumble across this on the internet, I hope you enjoyed it, and make sure to come back for more and keep track of all the other projects I do in the next few months.  xx Abiola xx

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