Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Post Coming Up Soon

Hi to all my readers! I am now on my holidays, so hopefully, within the next few days, I can put a tutorial/project for all to look at.  If you have any suggestions for projects that you want to see executed, then please leave a comment below and I will try and see what I can do!  xxxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bath Abbey

Over the weekend,  I went with my English class to visit Bath for a couple of days.  It was a really fun trip but what I found most interesting about it was the beautiful architecture of Bath Abbey.  On the way  home, we made a stop at Winchester Cathedral. I just loved all the beautiful, intricate details of the workmanship, from the stone to the woodwork to the stained glass.  I found the visit to these cathedrals so visually inspiring that I came away with tons of ideas for how I could incorporate these details into clothes, in lace, embroidery, paneling etc.

Here are the photos from Bath Abbey:

I could really imagine this design in lacework, perhaps in this gorgeous coffee stained colour.

This grate that I found in the abbey has a really lovely pattern that I could imagine as a piece of cut-work or as a piece of jewellery.

The thing that I love the most about churches, abbeys, cathedrals is the stained glass windows and here is a prime example.  I could imagine using the colours as inspiration, the images as a print on a dress, or even as a patchwork:

Gorgeous lattice work that would be great as inspiration for broderie anglaise around a skirt hem or as a neckline.

This organ and the curtain surrounding it remind me of pleats on a skirt.  It would be great to do a pleated skirt in a metallic colour, perhaps secured at the top in an ornate fashion not unlike the 

wooden lattice work at the top of the organ.
Here are photos from Winchester Cathedral (It's on a slightly grander scale to Bath Abbey!) :These always remind me of the heels on shoes!
 Weaving would be a good way to interpret this stonework,

 All I can say is, absolutely beautiful!

I hope you've all enjoyed these photos!  I went a bit trigger happy with the camera in Bath and Winchester and I just thought the architecture was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with all of you.  The beautiful architecture has really inspired me so I hope that it does the same for all of you!
Hopefully I'll have a new project to post in the next few days. xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Feathers, Glorious Feathers!

Slowly starting to get back into my school work.  Just posting pictures of feathers that I've been drawing for my A-Level work: 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Back To School!!!

In a few weeks time I go back to school for my final year!!! Aaarghh! And as is typical of me, I have left all my holiday homework until the last few weeks, and am now in a bit of a panic, often waking up in the morning with a to do list running through my head! One of the bigger projects that I've had to do for is school is starting off my book for my Textiles homework.  This year we get to choose what we want to do for our coursework unit.  As I'm sure many of you know, the minute you're given the choice to do whatever you want, all ideas flee to deepest corners of your mind!  I've had this problem and after much racking of the brain, decided on Fairy Tales as my starting point. However, as I started to explore where I could take this, I discovered that it's actually quite hard to find visual responses to fairy tales (i.e. artists and designers' work) so I was a bit stuck for a while! However, it's too late to change my mind so I've decided to not look at it in such broad terms and instead focus in on one story called The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen and in turn look at swans and other birds.  However, before I start doing observational drawings, I'm starting off by doing artist research.  I found this artist called Su Blackwell who creates cut-outs and pop-ups using old books.  The scenes often follow a narrative and she created ones based around stories such as Alice In Wonderland. After looking at her work, I was inspired to create some samples for my work where I've used paper Bonda Webbed onto white cotton and tried out various techniques with the fabric/paper.

Here, I tried splattering black ink on the various papers to see which it would be most effective on:

For this sample, I used fabric backed book pages and pleated them:

Paper fringing:

Layers of paper circles:
Layers of paper feathers:
Paper flower made of fringing:
Here I wove grey ribbon into various papers backed in white cotton:

Zig-zag stitch on to book print covered in masking tape:

Listening to a bit of Junip to keep myself entertained while sewing!
Here, I did pleats and box pleats using plastic. I really like how you can see the all the working stitches in these samples:

Here I tried some of the fancy stitches from my machine on plastic and tracing paper:

Rippled pleats!

Straight forward pleats:

The debris left over from my sewing!

Tracing paper on top of book print to create a frosted effect.

Plastic sewn on top of book print for a shiny quality:

My final collection of book paper pleats! Phew, finished!